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Board Members and Officers

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Board Officers


Paul Storiale

Vice President

Adria Brodie


James Askew


Robyn Sumners

Board Members

District 2 At Large

Allan Salinas

District 5 At Large/Homeless Representative

Bob Peppermuller

District 5 Business Representative

Brian Allman

District 3 At Large

Charles Wiley

Community/Non-Profit Organization

Donald Neal

District 1 At Large

Donna Moss

Community/Non-Profit Organization

Gloria Gold

District 1 Business Representative

Irene Covarrubias

Business Representative

Jennifer Jackson

School Representative

Jo Ann Rivas

District 3 Resident Representative

John Paul Green

Community Organization/ Non-Profit Organization Representative

Jonathan Brown

Arts Organization Representative

Kacey Spivey

District 4 At Large

Ken Dorfman

Community/Non Profit Organization

Linda Fulton

District 2 Resident Representative

Michael Lara

District 2 Business Representative

Patricia Murphy

Religious Organization Representative

Reverend Stephanie Jaeger

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